How to make a solar water heater at home

Do you know in what are our three sips more energy from Sun than the world use in one year a very very less amount of solar energy is converted to a renewal energy one of the best use of solar energy is water heating this kind of water heater you can see on the rooftop of many cities and in some countries this is mandatory let’s make our own solar heater collect a cold drinks bottle it is a two-liter Cola drink but to make a hole on top of the cap now 50% of the butter wrap with an aluminium foil this is a kitchen aluminium foil so fold it like this put glue and just wrap the paper the aluminum foil hop-up the bottle this will be useful to reflect back the heat into the water now fill this bottle with water and we’ll do an experiment to know how the solar energy can be used to heat this water let’s see the temperature inside home normal temperature is around 32 degrees centigrade and now.

I’m going to use a piece of pipe or a plastic or some hood to make a stand for the bottom to set it like this with an angle now let’s keep it on the roof like that I kept the weather is clear sky is clear it’s a sunny weather around twelve o’clock noon now let’s come back after one our this measures the temperature around 41 degree centigrade now inside house normal water is around 28 degree centigrade take some water from that bottle and temperature is 39 degree centigrade so quite hot now you can connect the array of bottles one side and cold water come in other side you will get hot water to your bathroom at your kitchen thus you can save lot of electricity please use the sun’s green energy instead of electricity or other conventional fluence.

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