Here’s the beef


Impossible Foods, the company who created a plant-based burger that “bleeds,” sizzles on the grill, and browns as you cook, is expanding their operations in a big way.

They’re currently building a factory that, once fully ramped, will be able to produce 12m lbs of burgers a year (250x more than they do today), to help them expand from their current 11 restaurants to 1,000 by the end of the year.

Lofty goals, but when your mission is to curb people off of meat by providing a tasty replacement, achieving scale is your only chance of success.
And convincing the public is only half the battle

As beleaguered vegan mayonnaise company Hampton Creek knows first hand, the real fight will probably come from Washington D.C.

Recently, it surfaced that industry-funded “checkoff programs” are often used illegally to undermine the competition (e.g. the US Egg Board trying to get Whole Foods to stop carrying Hampton Creek’s products).

See, these “checkoff programs” work with various agricultural commodities to pool resources and collectively promote the industry.
Like the infamous “Got Milk?” ad campaign

Or commercials telling you to eat more eggs, only wear cotton, and that pork’s the “other white meat.”

Those are ads strictly for generic products, the idea being if the general demand for milk goes up, all dairy farmers will sell more product.

Kind of like if every barber in the country put in $0.25 per customer so that they can launch a national ad campaign telling people to get more haircuts.

And because cattlemen have to contribute $1 from every cow sold to the Beef Checkoff Program, it makes it much more difficult for meat alternative companies like Impossible Foods to get a seat at the table.

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